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-IT Disposal

The market for used IT equipment thrives despite ever reducing new hardware prices. HCC Pacific has an extensive network of dealers, service providers, educational facilities and advertises extensively to the general public. All assets pass through our technical auditing process where HDD’s are formatted and detail configuration reports are provided to clients. Equipment is then sold, redeployed back to the customer or could be donated to charity through our programme.


HCC Pacific can arrange the whole process including de-installation, compilation and collection

-Lease Returns

The process of returning IT assets at the end-of-lease period is often under-estimated by organisations. HCC Pacific has the facility, technical processes, experience and resources to effectively manage the return of assets to the leasing agents. The key benefit of this is to minimise the costs to the organisation by performing these functions in-house. Many leasing companies have expensive buy-out pricing for missing, faulty or damaged items. HCC Pacific will manage this process by deploying stock to meet the “like for like” clause in leasing contracts.

-Hard Disk Drive Security Cleansing

HCC Pacific offers a thorough and comprehensive process that ensures the integrity of the data on PC’s and Servers remains with the previous user. All data is removed from the hard drive as are all identifying asset tags and labels

-IT Warehousing and Distribution

HCC Pacific’s warehouse facilities are available for short and long term storage of IT equipment and we also manage the receipt of dispatch of day-to-day IT stock, hold disaster recovery supplies and handle their deployment.

-Nationwide Rollouts

HCC Pacific is able to handle the logistics and project management of nationwide rollouts through it’s comprehensive nationwide network of agents. Our on-site services cover desktop power-up, network connection and data migration. All of our other services listed can be incorporated into your requirement.


HCC Pacific technicians can provide comprehensive services that can include loading operating system and/or application software on new or used equipment.

-Environmental Recycling

Some returned hardware is not suitable for resale or deployment due to age, condition or specification. HCC Pacific’s policy is to recycle this equipment in the most environmentally responsible method available.


HCC Pacific can provide an outsourcing service for deployment of desktops on an ongoing basis from it’s various facilities. Combined with it’s warehousing, imaging and disposal services, HCC Pacific can also provide a complete service to manage and conduct technical installation and de-installation.

-Asset Audit

To assist organisations in determining their overall installation base, HCC Pacific can visit the various sites nationwide to conduct a physical audit of IT assets from which a report will be provided detailing location, specification, serial number and asset tag number of the assets.

-IT Valuations

For insurance or accounting purposes HCC Pacific can provide reporting on the market value of desktop, server or networking assets.

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